60/70/80/90mm Guedel airway/oropharyngeal airway/OPA/pattern airway/Major Guedel (1pcs/bag)


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Guedel Airway

Made in Germany

What is a Guedel (oropharyngeal) airway?

A Guedel is a rigid plastic tube which sits along top of the mouth and ends at the base of the tongue (an adjunct to help keep airway open)

An oxygen mask or bag mask ventilation can be applied over the top if needed

Use: Prevents tongue covering epiglottis in patients with reduced GCS

Size: Use one that matches the distance between the corner of the patient’s mouth and angle of their jaw

How to insert a Guedel airway

Ensure no foreign bodies in the mouth

Lubricate the oropharyngeal airway

Insert into the mouth upside down (reduces risk of pushing tongue back)

Once tip is around hard-soft palate junction, rotate 180˚ and advance the rest of the way

If the patient gags it is unlikely they will tolerate this airway. Stop insertion and try a nasopharyngeal airway instead.

Confirm airway patency





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60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm