SGHC 10cm or 12cm Thick Anti Bedsore Air mattresses with HSA Register Singapore


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1. One-touch switch, third gear pressure adjustment.

2.Waterproof fabric, breathable andeasy to clean.

3.Air pipe can be pulled outindividually and damage can bechanged.

4.Double-pipe circular ventilation

5.Bed size: single size +-190 x 90cm


Product Name: Anti Bedsore Air Mattress

Model: Striped

Material: High Elastic PVC

Voltage: 220V ±22V

Power: DC7W

Pressure: 3KPa ±0.5KPa

Alternate Aerated Time: 10min

Wire Size:≥200cm

Fuse Size: 0.5*2cmGas-guide

Tube Size: 8cm thick, 10 cm thick or 12cm thick

Air Pump Weight: 2kgf/m²

Load-bearing: 135KG

Size: 190cm x 0.9cm (single bed size) suitable for hospital and medical bed size use.



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10cm Thickness with bedsheet, 12cm Thickness with bedsheet