B Braun Trixo lind pure mosturising lotion Bottle with pump 500ml


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Trixo®-lind pure Bottle with pump 500ml

Coconut oil gives a moisture boost and creates a protective layer

Lipid replenisher strengthens the natural protective mantle and prevents the skin of dehydration and irritation

Bisabolol soothes and calms the skin

Free of perfume

Excellent dermatological test results

Free of microplastic, silicones and paraffin

100 ml tube, 500 ml bottle, 500 ml bottle with pump, 500 ml collapsible bottle with pump


Our Trixo®-lind pure is especially designed to be used:


After hand washing

After wearing gloves, particularly after completing the OR program

After hands are exposed to severe conditions

Whenever hands feeling dry and dehydrated

For moisturizing the entire body after showering or bathing, particularly with dry skin

Application recommendation:

The best way to apply Trixo®-lind pure is to squeeze it onto the back of the hand and rub it against the back of the other hand. Since the skin on the top of the hands is much thinner and has less sebaceous glands, it dries out very quickly and needs the most moisture. Then spread it on the entire surface of your hands.

If hands are very dry or irritated, apply Trixo®-lind pure in a thick layer and put on cotton gloves before going to bed. The gloves protect against moisture loss and allow the lotion to penetrate deep into the skin.

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