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Glucerna Plus is a high calorie and high protein liquid formula (1.5kcal/ml).
Formulated for people with diabetes and higher nutritional needs such as individuals who engage in vigorous activities, individuals who are undernourished or at risk of undernourishment due to limited food intake or individuals with fluid restrictions.
It is low in Glycemic index (GI) and provides complete balanced nutrition with 28 vitamins and minerals.

Calorically dense (333kcal/ 220ml)
High protein (16.5g/ 220ml)
Low glycemic index (GI) with slow-release carbohydrate blend
Unique lipid blend with MUFA (68% of fats), Omega 3, Omega 6. Also low in saturated fat, trans-fat free and cholesterol-free.
Complete and balanced with 28 vitamins and minerals
Sucrose-free and fructose-free
Lactose-free and gluten-free

30 bottles/ carton

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